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Transit Analytics

Availability & Capacity Analytics
ASTRA's Availability measures enable transit agencies to track the level of ADA accessibility, insuring compliance with federal and state laws.
ASTRA's Capacity measures include measurement and reporting on metrics including seat capacity, service hours and revenue hours, vehicle coverage and operational frequencies. Capacity measures are used to gauge an agency's ability to meet existing demand and predict future capacity issues/constraints.
ASTRA's available metrics in this area focus on the spatial and temporal availability of service to determine underserved areas, service density, ease of use, vehicle and system capacity to understand practical limitations, identify gaps, and adjust service offering to maximize utilization.
Example Measures Include:
  Equipment reliability
  Service area per vehicles in maximum service
  Number of late cancellations and no-shows
  Service Denials
  Seat Capacity
Availability & Capacity Dashboard
Highlighting the number of buses during peak times and providing historical seat capacity of buses over time